How Bad are Soft Drinks for Your Diet and Health?

One of the major causes of weight gain in Australia, the USA, and much of the Western world, is the high levels of sugar in our diet. Much of this intake is invisible sugar, usually found in drinks, such as high-calorie soft drinks, fruit juices and energy drinks.

Most people use soft drinks or fruit juice to quench their thirst, believing that they are equivalent to drinking plain water. But they are not.

The average can of soft drink contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar, and this sugar is often ignored because it can’t be seen. That is equivalent to 150 Calories per can.

If you drink only two cans of soft drink per day, you will gain more than15 kg, or 34 pounds, in one year. It is now widely accepted that there is a link between soft drink consumption and childhood obesity, and with these high sugar levels, it is easy to see why.

But there is much more to the potential health damage created by these drinks. The high glycemic index of the sugar stimulates insulin production and increases your risk of diabetes.

Caffeine, which is present in Coca Cola and energy drinks is a stimulant that can cause palpitations, cardiac rhythm disturbances and high blood pressure. The high caffeine content, combined with the high sugar content creates a dopamine rush which makes the drink addictive and promotes excessive intake.

How much better would it be for your weight and your health if you were to simply replace that highly sweetened soft drink with a glass of pure, refreshing water or mineral water? If you feel a need for some more flavour, just add a dash of lemon or a slice of lime.

Guard your health. Make sure you learn the ingredients in the drinks you drink and the food you eat.

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