Launching Telehealth: In Response to COVID-19, we now provide virtual appointments via Zoom

In line with the unprecedented health care demands, we have implemented advanced digital technologies to deliver virtual care to Inkerman Medical Group patients. As a response to the spread of the novel COVID-19 pandemic, we want to ensure that the highest safety is in place for our patients and protect our community.    

We are now offering virtual Telehealth appointments to all our patients via phone and video. We use Zoom for providing virtual consultations. Zoom is free to download and can be easily downloaded in the App Store for iPhone users. Android users can download via Google store or you can also download on your Windows or Mac desktop. 

Getting started for patients

Before you download the Zoom App, you first need to ensure you use a device with a camera like a smartphone or your computer. You can also use a webcam with your desktop. Zoom works well with all browsers, however, Chrome is recommended. Note that this blog would teach you how to use Zoom on your computer first and then guide you through the steps of using Zoom in a smartphone.  

While Zoom can provide a range of services, this guide would focus on 

  • How to download the app in your desktop
  • Joining a scheduled meeting with our doctor
  • Zoom for Android and iOS smartphone users

How to download Zoom from your device 

We would be sending invite links to our patients to download the app, but you can also download it online using the link:

On a desktop, you should be able to find the Download Centre Page,  where you can either download or launch the app. Go ahead and press the “Download” button below the “Zoom Client for Meeting”.



This would initialize the app downloading which would appear something like this on your computer.



After the download is completed, sign-up using your working Email ID as the username on the next screen. You can also sign-up using your Google ID or through your Facebook. 



You would be redirected to login with your Email, where Zoom would send you a link to activate your account to your Email. Then create a password as instructed. 



When you log in with your username and your password, you would be able to see the following screen with a variety of options to choose from.  You can familiarize yourself by requesting a demo that explains how Zoom works or there are plenty of resources and video tutorials to learn from. You can also join a “Test Meeting” to test your internet connection. You can also test if the microphone and speaker are working well. 

In the next step, you can select to join the consultation via audio and/or video. 



Joining a scheduled meeting with our doctor


As a requisite, we would be sending an invite link to all our patients. Each scheduled meeting with one of our doctors at Zoom would be  “Join a Meeting”. You can use your “Meeting ID” that would be provided to you beforehand to join your scheduled meeting where you also have an option to change your name. 

This would start your meeting with the doctors. 



Zoom for Android and iOS smartphone users 


You can start by downloading the Zoom app on your phone. All iPhone users can download via the Apple App Store and all Android users can use the Google Play Store. 

After the download is completed on your phone, you would see the following screens when using an iPhone or an Android respectively. There are two ways to join your doctor’s appointment. You can either choose to Sign-in or just press “Join a Meeting” for both the interfaces as shown below. 



Then you have to enter your “Meeting ID” or your “Personal Link Name”. The Meeting ID could be found under the tab “Meetings”. You can choose to change your display name too. The following screens are for iPhone and Android phones respectively. 





You can select audio and/or video and press join to start your virtual consultation. 

Following this guide should give you a basic understanding of the downloading and virtual meeting with our doctors. You can also follow online tutorials to give you a good sense of working with Zoom. 

To get more help on Zoom, you can follow this online video.

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