Don’t neglect your mental health

In this difficult time of COVID-19, as we strive to “flatten the curve”, lockdown and social distancing have proven to cause psychological distress for many of us. This crisis can affect people’s mental health in many ways. Feeling lonely, stressed about work & relationships, and boredom has become the new normal which can lead to people showing symptoms of anxiety, depression, psychosis, or even post-trauma stress disorders.    

Even though restrictions have eased somewhat, the entire Australian population is still in some kind of confinement, preventing us from accessing universities, workplaces, gyms, or parks. Social isolation affects our mental well-being that could lead to an impact on both our physical health and cognitive health. The number of people suffering from some kind of mental health issue is on the rise. Lack of social connection and the inability to move freely can magnify health risks to almost anyone in the community. While it adds extra health risks to people with known mental issues, it can also be overwhelming for people who haven’t previously suffered from anxiety or depression. If this goes untreated, it could lead to psychological issues for an extended time that may need specialist treatments.   


Telehealth and your mental health 


Telehealth services have become very effective and reliable in overcoming the barriers of social isolation. Telehealth plays a vital role to ensure the wellbeing of the affected people by making the provision to consult doctors and seek assistance remotely. 

In an effort to extend our support to the community, we have established a robust telehealth consulting facility as well as in-clinic visits for all our patients to seek help with your mental health issues. Our GPs are qualified and have years of experience in providing the first contact assistance to your mental health problems. They have the know-how of the local mental health services, and they work with other doctors at our centre to provide a more comprehensive care plan to you. 

Don’t want to use telehealth?

That’s fine, we are open, and you can come in for an appointment at the clinic.

If you are a GP/health care worker or admin in a healthcare setting, then the local Primary health network has offered 3 sessions for free. Follow the link to find out more, Feeling stressed? SEMPHN is offering free support for general practice staff


To make an appointment with our GPs, you can visit our Book Online page or give us a call at (03) 9527 4355.

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