A message from Dr Debbie Herbst: How to access mental health help

The Victorian Government has recently announced additional mental health support services for those impacted by the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this initiative, any Victorian resident would be able to seek up to 10 further mental health consultations across the state in addition to their 10 medicare mental health sessions with experts.

Given the amount of stress the second wave is creating, it is important to remember that there is hope and help for you or anyone in need.

Read further and check the video below on what Dr. Debbie Herbst emphasises and how we can emerge from this crisis together.

What’s included in the new initiative?

Dr. Herbst emphasises that we can go to any GP and seek help if required.

She says, “Right now in Victoria, anybody can go to their GP, either their own GP or perhaps sometimes people like to go to a GP who’s not as well known to them and get a mental health plan and have access to 20 government-subsidised sessions with a psychologist over the next few months”.

Who should access these services?

It is essential to visit your local GP if you’re anxious, stressed or just feeling low with the Stage 4 restrictions. So anyone who has been mentally impacted from the lockdown can seek expert’s help.

Dr. Herbst says “these sessions are available to anybody who is feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, it’s not about feeling that you really are falling apart and that you’re not coping at all”.

And with Inkerman’s online telehealth service, our doctors are available to guide you even remotely.

The next question is pretty obvious,

Do I need to worry about my mental health?

One thing we all should all do is to remain at our best selves.

Dr. Herbst explains, “everybody at this point, it’s all-new for all of us. None of us have ever been in this situation before. So it is entirely within normal that everybody is dealing with this and struggling with different parts of what we’re being put through at the moment”.

As we further live through this 6 weeks lockdown, any one of us might need guidance irrespective of our age.

No one should minimise how this is taking its toll on each and every single one of us and our children and our families. So either for adults or for our children, there is a lot of support available now”, says Dr. Herbst.

What do we do next?

According to Dr. Herbst, there are three simple ways to take charge of your mental health. She points:

Number one, make an appointment with the GP.

Number two, get a mental health plan, either for ourselves for our children.

Number three, get a referral to an appropriate psychologist or counsellor, whether it be someone who you know or have been recommended or whether you take advice from the GP.

Number four, Take that step and make the appointment.

Your GP via telehealth

Dr. Herbst’s message on telehealth:

We are very fortunate also at the moment that we can do this via telehealth – we can see the GP through telehealth and we can also if appropriate and desirable have the counselling sessions via telehealth. Some people would rather see a counsellor face to face, but others are more comfortable in doing remote sessions. So please, this is available to each and every one of us during this very, very difficult and challenging time. So if there’s any way that you feel that you could do with support, and we can all do with support right now, please see your GP. Get a mental health plan and avail yourself of the very supportive and generous offer. Our government has 20 subsidised mental health sessions during this time.

We are now taking bookings for your mental health issues.

For a GP’s consultation, you can book online or contact us at (03) 9527 4355 for further details on our telehealth services.

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