2021 can be the year of health: Are you ready for a change?

2020 was a wild year for global health. As all our healthy habits, exercise and self-care regimes went flying off the tracks, 2021 is a great year to commit to new changes.

With the new year already in, it’s a popular time of the year to set some new health resolutions that are realistic and achievable.

Here is a list of simple things for improving all aspects of health and starting an improved quality of life for 2021

1. Get outside and enjoy your neighbourhood

Two women working out in their neighbourhood park

Two women working out in their neighbourhood instead of hitting the gym in 2021
When COVID started to surface in Australia, many indoor facilities such as gyms and community swimming pools were shut. With COVID-19 still around, unpredictability has become almost certain.

So, why not enjoy working out in your local area? When you exercise outside, every day can be a little different. So, you won’t lose your motivation and still enjoy the fresh air outdoors.

Also when we spend time outdoors it is easier to lose track of time. We also tend to exercise longer when you’re working out in a park rather than inside a gym.

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2. Go easy on junk food

According to a report published by The Georgia Institute of Global Health, Australians are eating ever bigger portions of food-laden in fats, sugar and salt. With the worst offenders that stood out were pizza and cake, they tend to increase about 66% more kilocalories in just one serving.

Junk foods are also high in sodium that can lead to increased headaches as well as high carbs that can trigger acne.

Limit intake of junk food and practise portion control this new year 2021

To avoid these negative effects of junk food on your health, make a few simple changes to see the huge difference it makes in your wellbeing. For example, avoid junk foods and/or practise portion control.

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3. Book an appointment for an annual health consultation

Just like you wouldn’t let an annual car servicing slip through the cracks, the same goes for your body. It is very important to visit your doctor at least once a year for an annual overall health check-up.

Even if you feel healthy, it’s a good idea to visit a doctor regularly. An annual health consultation can check for current or emerging medical problems as well as assess your risk for any future medical issues.

So, visit a doctor for an annual health check and tick off that one important thing off your to-do list for 2021.

4. Exercise regularly for your mental health

Inactivity tends to not only increase your risks for chronic health issues but also negatively impacts your mental health.

When you engage in physical exercises your body releases happy hormones called endorphins that help to reduce the perception of pain as well as enhance positive feelings despite injury or stress.

It is highly beneficial to engage in physical activities after a long vacation to snap yourself out of holiday blues. Even working out for as little as 30 minutes can improve your mental wellbeing.

5. Consider a visit to a doctor for the health issues you have been ignoring

Don't ignore any abdominal pain and consider visiting Inkerman Medical Group in 2021

Whether it’s a lump somewhere on your body or an unexplained headache that refuses to go away,  start the year with a visit to a doctor to make sure that it is’t something very serious.

Most medical conditions come with warning signs, and they are there for a reason. When you delay seeking medical treatment, the result can be fatal. For example, delaying to seek cancer treatment even by one month can put you in a 6% to 13% higher risk of dying a risk that only keeps growing the longer their treatment is delayed.

So, make this year the one you stop ignoring your signs and symptoms!

Start your health year with Inkerman Medical Group

At Inkerman Medical Group, we offer comprehensive health care for people of all ages. Our doctors have a special interest in mental health with the emphasis on treating and preventing illnesses to promote mental wellbeing.

If you would like to consult any of our doctors, book an online appointment or call us at (03) 9527 4355.

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