Balance is better than boost for your immune system

Immunity boosting has become a trending topic after COVID-19 pandemic started. But most experts around the world consider immunity boosting misleading. While social media is inundated with facts like a megadose of supplements can boost your immunity, the aim should be rather maintaining a balanced system. 

How does the immune system work? 

The immune system does a remarkable job by keeping our body defended against any disease or infection. 

It acts as the body’s defence mechanism to recognise and identify an infection or disease with the goal of restoring our body to its normal functions. 

You might not be aware that symptoms that we generally notice while we’re sick are actually  signs that the immune system is responding to an illness or injury. 

But sometimes, it may fail to respond. An injury might lead to a bigger health issue or an infection can make you sick even more. This is because your immune system is not balanced to act effectively after the germs have successfully invaded the system. 

So, you might think of boosting your immune system to keep you protected. However, the concept of boosting your immune system is misleading. Instead, the focus should be maintaining a balanced one.

But the concept of boosting your immune system is wrong. Instead, you want it balanced.

Your immune system needs balance and harmony, not a boost 

There is a common misconception that having a “stronger” immune system is what works best for your body. 

The immune system is precisely a complex system. Although it needs to be strong enough to fight off a variety of illnesses and disease, but not so strong that it overreacts causing allergies and other autoimmune conditions

What is required is balance and harmony. And to operate in harmony, it needs healthy inputs. For instance, along with nutrient supplements, it also needs exploring the effects of diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress management and other factors on keeping a balanced immune system.

So, it makes sense that leading a healthy life is likely to keep your immune system stronger which also comes with other proven health benefits. 

Here is a list of things you can do to keep your immune system balanced the healthy ways:


1) Nutrition for stronger immune system

A bowl with vegetables and healthy carbs for a balanced immune system, Inkerman Medical Group

Our body absorbs nutrients more easily from dietary sources than supplements, hence eating a healthy diet must be your first line of defence for a balanced immune system. 

There are studies that say that deficiency of various micro nutrients, for example zinc, folic acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin C can impact the immune system.

Diets that are limited in variety and lower in nutrients such as a diet primarily lacking vegetables and fruits and with a lot of processed food, your immune system is deemed to be negatively impacted

In order to get the optimal amount of nutrients in your body, make sure you have plenty of vegetables, fruits, legumes, lean protein and healthy fats. In addition to providing the necessary energy to your immune system, a well balanced diet also ensures you’re getting sufficient micronutrients to maintain wear and tear of the immune system. 

2) Physical exercise isn’t only for muscles, it also supports a healthy immune system

Going to the gym or being physically active isn’t just to build muscles. Regular exercise helps to regulate blood circulation and improves metabolism. 

And when blood circulation is regulated, the immune cells find it easier to travel around the body and fight infectious germs. 

In fact, a daily 30 minutes workout seems to stimulate your immune system and keep it balanced. 

3) Important infection-fighting molecules are produced while we sleep

Lack of sleep can affect your immune system. Studies have shown that people who sleep less than the required are more likely to get sick

There are many important activities happening while we are asleep. One of them is the production of infection-fighting molecules that circulate throughout our body to defend it from disease. It’s important to know how much sleep you should be getting every night. 

Deprivation of sleep can reduce the balancing of your immune system, Inkerman Medical Group

4) Supplements and healthy diet goes hand in hand 

Supplements and healthy diet must be taken in conjunction to build a balanced immune system

While supplements do give a boost to your immune system, we recommend it works best only in conjunction with a healthy diet. 

If you’re looking for ways to build a balanced immune system, consider seeking advice from your doctors on the kind of supplements and diet that would work best for you.  

5) Stress can weaken your immune system 

Broadly, both the immune system and stress both can affect each other in reciprocal ways

If you’re stressed, particularly facing chronic stress, your body responds by initiating a stress response. This stress response can dominate the immune response making you more susceptible to illness and disease. 

Given its nature, stress impacts everyone differently. Whether you practice meditation, or play a sport, you should focus on managing and reducing stress. 

Where to get help with immune balancing 

You should visit a GP. For treating any issues brought by immune system problems, the best place to start a treatment is a GP. You should consider visiting a doctor if you have food or seasonal allergies as well as persistent fever or eczema. 

When your immune system is weak, your body won’t be able to defend against injection or help you recover quickly from an injury. 

At Inkerman Medical Group, we believe that having a balanced immune system can help you lead a healthy life. 

To make an appointment with our doctors , visit Book Online, or call us at (03) 9527 4355. 

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