Stronger bones are within your reach

The bones to your body are what bricks are to a house. Just as how your home becomes your foundation, your bones also exert support and structure to your body. Let’s explore how diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices can help you grab stronger bones within your reach.

The important of bone health 

Despite sounding static, bones are actually a dynamic organ that continuously changes – new bones are forming as the old ones get broken. 

However, this happens more rapidly when we’re younger. As soon as we enter our 30s, most of us reach a point when we lose more bone mass than we can gain

At this very point, we must start doing all the right things to keep our bones strong and healthy. 

Poor bone health could be a massive headache. Not only are you at a higher risk of suffering from rickets and osteoporosis, but there is also an increased risk of breaking a bone from a fall or injury. 

Only proper diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices can help you build stronger bones. 

Building stronger bones through diet 

A diet rich in calcium such as milk, cheese and green leafy vegetables helps to build stronger bones, Bone Health

When it comes to stronger bones, nothing comes closer to calcium’s influence on bone health. 

Calcium helps build and maintain stronger bones with adults requiring about 700 mg of calcium each day. Considering it is not naturally produced in the body, it must be absorbed from dietary intake or supplements. 

People can obtain the recommended daily calcium intake just by eating a healthy diet. Green leafy vegetables such as kale, broccoli, fatty fish, milk, cheese, yoghurt, and fruits are great for bone health. 

Along with calcium, make sure you enjoy some time out in the sun, as you’ll need vitamin D for absorbing all the goodness of calcium. 

Refer to this article, Food and Your Bones, for a complete guide on what to eat for stronger bones. 

Physical exercise is more than just muscle building 

A woman running on the beach for stronger bones, bone health

Don’t be surprised when we say that bones are very living and alive! And just as how you would work out for stronger muscles, your bones need it too. 

You can definitely help prevent bone loss with regular physical exercise. It strengthens, improves the flexibility and balance of your structure. 

Weight-bearing and resistance exercise are the “gold standard” for stronger bones. Apart from lifting weights, swimming, running, cycling, and even HIIT exercises are excellent for bone health. 

If you’re already diagnosed with osteoporosis, it would be an absolute requirement to first meet your doctors before starting training. 

On that note, meeting an exercise specialist can guide you to safely exercise without risking any potential injury. 

Healthy lifestyle choices does so much good to your bones 

Healthy lifestyle choices go a great way for building strong bones. 

For instance, we’re given bones to move. Imagine when you don’t actually put that into use; being sedentary will not do any good to your bones. 

Smoking is another lifestyle choice that prevents the body from forming healthy new bone tissues alongside excessive alcohol intake that delays healing from bone injuries

Another choice that can have a detrimental effect on your bone health is consuming too much salt that is nothing but sodium! The more sodium you consume, the lesser calcium you can store. 

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