ADHD coaching

Francine Freedman

Francine Freedman is a certified ADHD coach who helps those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) find their personal recipe for success. ADHD coaching is a combination of ADHD education, ADHD skills training and general life coaching to help people live up to their full potential.

While ADHD medication often gives people more focus, it does not address every ADHD challenge. Just because someone takes ADHD medication does not mean they will automatically become more organized, more timely, more productive, etc. People with ADHD require support and education in order to slowly build these skills into their life.

Francine holds an AAC distinction from ADDCA and an ACC certification from the International Coach Federation. She graduated with a degree in finance from Washington University, a top business school in America. She has worked on Wall Street, in high, tech, and in education. Francine has been a certified ADHD coach for approximately five years and has worked with over 600 clients in that time. She meets with clients face to face in Melbourne and works online with clients inter-state and internationally. Please visit her website for more information.