Clinical Hypnotherapy

Tamara Sanchez from Inkerman Medical Group, Clinical Hypnotherapy Melbourne

Tamara Sanchez

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Tamara Sanchez has been working as a clinical hypnotherapist over 10 years and has been studying behavioural therapy and hypnosis most of her life. Her expertise includes working with children and adults for various issues such as tics & tourettes, trichotillomania (hair pulling), trauma, anxiety, hypnodontics and pain management with a very high success rate. She completed her studies in the Academy of Hypnotic Science and has trained with some of the world’s top practitioners of Hypnosis. She also practices mesmerism which was a system of Franz Anton Mesmer.

She also specialises in helping to quit smoking. She uses hypnosis as an effective and safe way to quit smoking. It is much easier than getting prescribed medication or gimmicks over the counter.

Did you know that you can be cigarette-free in 60 minutes? Tamara can help you break the habit and reprogram your old belief system. She will be available on Fridays for appointments. If you’re ready to give up smoking now, call Tamara at 0416 192 537 to make an appointment.