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Am I at risk for prostate cancer if it runs in my family?

Son and father in a gym, keeping healthy to prevent any risk for prostate cancer

Family history is one of the most important risk factors for prostate cancer. So, in case it runs in your family, you’re at 2.5 times higher risk of developing prostate cancer. This Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, ask your GP about prostate health because getting your prostate checked is an essential medical to-do.

Trouble breathing? Here are 5 other likely causes of shortness of breath you didn’t think about

A woman with breathing trouble with a likely cause of shortness of breathe she didn’t know of

Shortness of breath after an intense fitness regime is a good thing. But there are other likely causes of shortness of breath that might stem from lung or heart disease. Iron deficiency, anxiety, allergic reactions, and pneumonia are other potential causes of shortness of breath. Read our blog post and find out which ones you didn’t know.

Practice Manager Tahlia Hochstadt featured in AusDoc article

Practice Manager Tahlia Hochstadt featured in AusDoc article

This month Inkerman Medical Group’s practice manager Tahlia Hochstadt was interviewed by AusDoc regarding rapid antigen testing for coronavirus. Tahlia told the magazine about Inkerman’s new approach to protecting our staff and patients by asking all patients receiving face-to-face care to take a rapid antigen swab for SARS-CoV-2. She said that the feedback from patients … Read more

Women’s Health Week: Time to reset and rethink

Two young women excited for the Women's Health Week 2021, Melbourne

It’s that time of the year. Women’s Health Week is Australia’s most significant event revolving around women’s health and wellness. At Inkerman Medical Group, we encourage all women and girls in our community to step up and keep health at first. For this exciting week, read our article “Women’s Health Week: Time to Reset And Rethink”, and learn how to spend your time this week.

Stronger bones are within your reach

A man and a boy with stronger bones, bone health

The bones to your body are what bricks are to a house. Just as how your home becomes your foundation, your bones also exert support and structure to your body. Let’s explore how diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices can help you grab stronger bones within your reach.