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Extending quality medical care services to Elsternwick and surrounding suburbs.

Located conveniently in Southeast of Melbourne, Inkerman Medical Group is dedicated to providing multi-dimensional care services to everyone in need. With an integrated approach to treatments, our doctors have the expertise to evaluate, understand, treat and help you guide to your best health.

Serving neighbourhoods throughout Southeast Melbourne, Inkerman Medical Group ensures to take care of you wherever you are.

Inkerman Medical Group Treatment Room, Elsternwick Doctors

The services we offer

With a wide variety of comprehensive services at place, we help you and your family to meet your health goals and support your healthy lifestyle.

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GP Services

Allied Health Services

Meet our Doctors

Our doctors carry a mission to deliver personalised treatment to you and your family. Each of our doctors has unique attributes to deliver the best healthcare services for our patients.

With years of training and practice, our team of doctors is experts in preventive medicine, men’s and women’s health, cancer screenings and its management and a whole range of other medical services.

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Getting here from Elsternwick

With plenty of travel options and excellent public transport facilities around us, getting to our centre is hassle-free.

We are located at the intersection of Hotham Street and Inkerman Street. There are a number of transport options for you when you are traveling to our medical centre.

All travel and driving times to the centre are approximate and are mentioned as guidelines only.


Via Orrong Road and Inkerman Street

Serving as one of the best and fastest ways to our practice, this route will approximately take up to 8 minutes considering varying traffic conditions. This 2.8 KMs route from the center of Elsternwick takes you through Orrong Road for 2 KMs if you come from Glen Huntly Road.

On your approach to Inkerman Street take a left and you should be able to see our practice on the intersection of Inkerman St and Hotham Rd.

Via Orrong and Balaclava Road

Yet another convenient way to our practice, this route follows the same path if you drive through Orrong Road for about 1.6 KMs and then turn left on your approach to Balaclava Road.

Head straight for 800 metres and turn right on your approach to Hotham Street. We are about a minute’s drive once you take the turn. This route is also 2.8 KMs long and a 6 minutes drive from Elsternwick centre.

Travelling by Train

Sandringham Line

With Balaclava station, a 10 minutes walk from the practice, catching the train in the Sandringham line is the easiest way to travel from Elsternwick Station.

Trains run from Elsternwick Station and Flinders Street Station on this line every day with services as often as 15 minutes during the weekdays. After you get down at Balaclava Station, you can either take tram route number 3/3a or 16 or simply walk to our practice.

Travelling by Bus

Bus Route 604

This bus route between Glen Huntly Road in Elsternwick runs north in Orrong Road for 6 minutes. You need to get down at Inkerman St/Orrong Rd stop and walk down Inkerman St for 9 minutes to reach us.

This route takes about 16 minutes depending on traffic and there is a bus service every 20 minutes to our practice.

Bus Route 603

Another 16 minutes route is catching bus number 603, the Alfred Hospital service from Elsternwick Train Station. Travelling through Hotham Street for 7 minutes, the bus will stop right in front of our practice and serves as one the most convenient way to reach us if you’re travelling in public transport.

Travelling by Tram

Via Route 67 and 3/3a or 16

If you choose to take the Melbourne Trams, then the best way to get to our practice is via route 67 from Elsternwick that runs through Glen Huntly Road. It runs every day with services as often as 12 minutes. This tram will take you to St Kilda Rd/Carlisle St intersection where you have to change for another tram route.

When you get down to the intersection, you can either choose to travel tram route 3/3a or 16 till Hotham Street and then walk through the same street for about 5 minutes to reach us.