National Diabetes Week for a healthy and happy family, Doctors in Melbourne

National Diabetes Week: An impactful way to fight Diabetes is to raise awareness

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Did you know that over 500,000 Australian are not aware of their diabetic condition? Yes, diabetes can strike you even though you don’t experience any visible symptoms and remains a…
Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in Inkerman Medical Group, Doctor Toorak

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month: This June, let’s learn how early screenings can help

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June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, an initiative observed across Australia aimed to reduce the impact of bowel cancer in our communities and help recognise the importance of its early…
skin checks Inkerman Medical Group

Dr Gabizon reminds us why we need our skin checked (Video)

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During the pandemic, many patients have neglected their regular skin checks, and even though winter is upon us, skin cancer doesn’t understand seasons. In this video, Dr Gabizon reminds us…
A couple walking to prevent further health issues due to coronavirus lockdown

Don’t neglect your health- We have measures in place to provide a safe environment when you visit us.

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In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, a dangerous trend is emerging whereby people are ignoring their existing health issues. As the ABC reports: Australians are delaying lifesaving medical tests,…
Mental health issue consultation via telehealth at Inkerman Medical Centre

Don’t neglect your mental health

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In this difficult time of COVID-19, as we strive to “flatten the curve”, lockdown and social distancing have proven to cause psychological distress for many of us. This crisis can…

How to stay healthy during lockdown: The four pillars of health

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While we practice social distancing and stay indoors, let us think about “How do we use this time to bring positive change in our lifestyle and remain healthy indoors”: the…