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Doctor’s Consultations

TypeFeeApproximate Medicare Rebate
Standard weekday consultation (up to 15 minutes)$82$38.75
Long weekday consultation (16 minutes to 30 minutes)$140$75.05
Standard consultation on Saturday (up to 15 minutes)$85$38.75
Long consultation on Saturday (16 minutes to 30 minutes)$145$75.05
Standard consultation on Sunday (up to 15 minutes)$110$50.55
Long consultation on Sunday (16 minutes to 30 minutes)$162$86.60
Telehealth/phone consult (up to 15 minutes)$82$38.75
Full body skin check (up to 30 minutes)$140$75.05
Dr Leon Massage Weight Loss consultation (up to 30 minutes)$140$75.05
Cosmetic Injectables (Medical or Cosmetic)$4.50 per unitN/A
  • Billing is based on time and complexity of your consultation.
  • Full payment is required at time of consultation by credit card or EFTPOS (surcharges apply), cash, or cheque.
  • After initial payment, your debit or savings card can then be swiped a second time to enable the Medicare refund or we can transmit the claim to Medicare on your behalf.
  • International visitors without Medicare cards are welcome.
  • If an account is not paid on the day, $10 will be added and a Medicare rebate will have to be claimed by the patient.
  • If a procedure is performed at the clinic, additional fees may apply.
  • Fees apply for Private Vaccinations (not covered by the Government), dressings, 24 hour BP monitor, Holter Monitor and Nurse only consultations

General Information

We at Inkerman Medical Group pride ourselves on delivering excellent healthcare, adhering to the highest standards for our patients. In today’s environment and with the continuing Medicare rebate freeze, it’s not possible to bulk-bill.

Cancellation Policy:

Inkerman Medical Group has a strict 4 hour cancellation policy, meaning we require a minimum of 4 hours’ notice for cancellations or changes to appointments. A late cancellation fee is charged to patients who do not provide us the required notice period (not claimable through Medicare).

We ask you to remember that a late cancellation hurts three – you, another patient, and our clinic. As a courtesy, we will attempt to remind you of your appointment via SMS.