Fees and Payment Policy

We at Inkerman Medical Group pride ourselves on delivering excellent healthcare, adhering to the highest standards for our patients.  In today’s environment and with continuing Medicare rebate freeze till 2020, it’s not possible to bulk-bill everyone. We do offer discounted fees to healthcare card holders and pension card holders.

We do offer bulkbilling to aged pension card holder between the hours of 11.00am -4.00pm.  Please note there is no bulk billing on weekends and public holidays

Doctor’s Consultations

Type Fee Medicare Rebate
Standard weekday consultation $85 $38.20
Long weekday consultation $140 $73.90
Standard consultation on Saturday $87 $38.20
Long consultation on Saturday $145 $73.90
Standard consultation on Sunday $110 $49.00
Long consultation on Sunday $162 $83.95
A. Pension card holder weekday/long consultaion $55/90 $37.05
A. Pension card holder on Saturday/long consultation $57/95 $72.80
A. Pension card Sunday $95/$155 $49.00
  • Full payment is made at time of consultation by credit card or EFTPOS or cheque (AMEX not accepted)
  • After initial payment, your EFTPOS card then can be swiped a second time to enable the Medicare refund or we can transmit the claim to Medicare on your behalf.
  • International visitors without Medicare cards are welcome.
  • Please note there is no bulk billing on weekends and public holidays

Additional Procedures

Fees for procedures such as suturing are charged as per the Australian Medical Association recommendations.

  • Leon Massage Weight loss program= $140
  • Skin Check appointments = $140
  • For Micro-suction Ear Cleaning the out of pocket cost is $20-$50

Phone requests for repeat Medication Prescriptions and repeat Specialist referrals

  • This service is only available to existing patients of the clinic, and is at the discretion of their regular doctor on a case by case basis
  • Patients must have visited the clinic within the last 3 months
  • Repeat Medication Prescriptions will be at the discretion of the doctor and will not be provided for any medications with addictive potential
  • Repeat Specialist referrals will only be for renewals of existing referrals that have expired. For new referrals please make an appointment
  • To account for the doctors time and resources, there will be a charge:
  • For repeat prescriptions – up to $15
  • For repeat referrals – up to $20