Dr Debbie Herbst

Dr Debbie as she is known to many of her patients has been working at Inkerman Medical since 1995, and she has been a partner since 2000. Dr Debbie focuses on the health and well-being of all patients through emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. Her main interests are in women and children’s health as well as diet and nutrition, especially the impact of healthy eating in pregnancy and beyond. She is very much a proponent of the emerging trends in nutrition that focus on less consumption of processed foods, refined sugars and starches. In 2013, she was involved in making the movie, That Sugar Film and is listed on the Low Carb Down Under website. Teaching the next generations of GP’s and the wider community is another passion, and she will often have a student sitting in with her or be supervising a GP registrar.

Dr Debbie is a sought after presenter and speaker in the community on the topic of enhanced health and wellbeing through nutrition. In keeping with her extensive involvement in Women’s health, she regularly consults on matters relating to irregular cycles, fertility and contraception, and is accredited to insert and remove Implanon implants. Dr Debbie is accredited through the Royal Women’s Hospital and Monash Medical Centre, as a shared care GP to deliver top quality care prior to conception, throughout pregnancy and after delivery. She also works as one of the GP’s at the Masada Parent Infant Unit, and she is involved in the post-natal care of both mother and baby, especially in dealing with transition to parenthood and the mental health of parents at this exciting, but often stressful, time of their life.