Dr Leon Massage

Celebrated as the go-to weight loss physician by leading doctors throughout Australia, Dr Leon Massage has been treating overweight and obesity conditions for more than twenty-five years. He has helped thousands of patients to lose weight and regain their health and energy by teaching them how to overcome their genetic predisposition to gaining weight, as well as his unique techniques to overcome emotional eating.

Leon is a doctor, author, and sought after speaker. He motivates his followers to succeed by drawing from his knowledge and experience, and his personal struggle with his weight as a teenager and young adult. Dr Leon has created an easy to follow, highly acclaimed weight loss program that is used and recommended by doctors. He uses breakthrough techniques, audio CDs, video tutorials to inform and empower his followers to lose weight and regain their health and vitality. His published book: I Can’t Believe It’s a Diet is used by many doctors to help their patients lose weight and is available from reception alongside his DVD box set.